Yellow Dextrin Powder

Yellow Dextrin Powder

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Produced through hydrolysis of starch or glycogen, Dextrins are carbohydrates with low-molecular-weight. They are white, yellow or brown powders that are fully / partially water-soluble. The yellow dextrin features low viscosity, and it is hygroscopic in nature. It is applicable in foundry as a binder of cores. Also, the dextrin is used as a printing thickener and binders in paint. Yellow Dextrin is created by heat treatment in the existence of chemicals; this appropriately modify the properties and characteristics of starch. It is fine powder, white to brown in color.

Uses :-

  • Used as water soluble glues in paper tubes, envelope adhesives etc.
  • In mining industry and foundry industry as additives.
  • Printing thickener, binders in gouache paint etc.