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Starch & Derivatives

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  1. Pure Maltodextrin Powder

    Pure Maltodextrin Powder is produced by the corn starch. These act as the source of energy as well as add some extra calories to the diet. These are also the sources of carbohydrates as an option of diet in cases of lack of energy. These are best advised to consume after exercise for better outcomes. These powders are important to replenish muscle glycogen in the human body.
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  2. Corn Maltodextrin Powder

    Corn Maltodextrin Powder is used as a food additive due to its polysachharide nature. The source of these powders is starch. These are produced form starch by the process of hydrolysis. These are white in color and hygroscopic in nature. These are very easy to digest by the human body and absorbed as glucose. These are moderately sweet or approximately tasteless in flavor. These are basically used for the production of soft drinks and candy.
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  3. Dextrose Monohydrate Powder

    Dextrose Monohydrate Powder is a carbohydrate that is single chained. These are consumed by the patients suffering from muscle pain. These help the body in increasing the glycogen levels in the blood to help the patient recover easily. These should be taken ideally after exercise to create an anabolic environment. These are volumetrically accurate in composition. Thus, these yield the best results for maintaining the health of the patients.
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  4. Maltodextrin Powder

    Maltodextrin Powder is a polysaccharide with no sweetness and odor. These are white in color. These are produced by partials hydrolysis of starch. These are suitable for the persons involved in long-term physical exercise and needs high levels of carbohydrate. These also help in restoring the glycogen level in the blood. These powders are accurately prepared to deliver the best results.
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  5. Yellow Dextrin Powder

    Our Yellow Dextrin Powder is made from the partial hydrolysis of starch. These are soluble in water. These powders are prepared from partial hydrolysis of starch by providing less acid and more heat. These powders are usually highly convertible form one form to the other. These remain thin in solution. The laciness formed with them is good. These powders are quite stable in concentrated solution.
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  6. Pure Malto Dextrin Powder

    Pure Malto dextrin Powder is taken before, during or after the workouts. These are rich in carbohydrates and provide much energy to our body. These are also used to fuel the body in times of lack of energy. These help in replenishing the glycogen levels of the blood and make you feel healthy. These are generally used for bodybuilding purposes. Our dextrin powders are highly oriented on the outcomes.
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